Saskia van der Donk was born on a cold and dark december night in 1968. From the moment she could hold a pencil, she started drawing, and has never stopped since. She took drawing and painting lessons when she was 16, at local artists’ Cees van Beusekoms studio, who taught her everything he knew.

In the year 2000 she took lessons at the Zadkine in Schoonhoven to study the art of jewellery making.In her paintings she showes great technical skills in a wide variety of subjects; though her favorite is and has always been portraying the vulnerability and (sexual) power of the female body.

Her jewellery shows more of her playful side and her love for exeptional gemstones. In her spare time Saskia enjoys reading, knitting, collecting skulls and fossiles and demolishing Barbie dolls. She lives happily with her pet pig Diva.

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